Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Down and Four to Go! (once again) sweetheart was sold, now for the really hard part: four teens to go!

I drove out to the country hearing all along that they are not moving! Ari and Lizzie were convinced they would be kept awake by cows and have to dodge snakes. They loved where we lived. They didn’t want to switch to new schools. The list went on and on and on…

As we passed some of the very nice newer developments with homes valued at half a million dollars some of the objections evaporated. Then we pulled into the drive of my dream home and my first born, my loving only son and eldest child whom I dearly love and adore says “Great Mom, we’re moving into the crack house of the neighborhood!”

So we open the door to this 100 year old farm house with all its party mess and step back. Just watching and waiting as room to room they go. Out on the property they wander, looking and checking things out. I hold my breath praying that each will see what I see. Please love this home... please...

Finally, one by one each gave the ok. Ari wasn't the happiest and her siblings had to talk her into it. She loves her friends and her old school you see. But they all agreed to move. Ari even staked a claim in one of the trees while Lizzie found an old tire swing and Ty counted the cash he could get from recycling all of the beer cans. KC had found her room upstairs and Don’s eyes glazed over at the two car garage (workshop in Don speak). I had my fireplace.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, I (with tons of help from my family and not just a few really close friends) got my house on the market in less then a week. The Lord then wrought another miracle and we managed to sell it in a day! That's right a single day. God blesses those who work hard I guess, because man we sure did. I thought my family would disown me while I was trying to get it all done but we did it. Lucky for me they let me come along.

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