Friday, December 4, 2009

How the Exile Becomes the Hero

I called my sweetheart so he could share in my excitement and it went downhill from there…

My husband Don is very stuck in his ways. He is a smart, good looking (as my editor he added that part) and sensible man. He does nothing on a whim. Everything is thought out and calculated. That is why he handles the money! I called him up as we were leaving the ‘find’ to share with him our good fortune!

He proceeds to tell me we aren't moving, deal with reality, I need to stop this day dreaming and he will talk to me later. Talk to me later. Ha! Not if I could help it! I was never talking to him again!! The couch wasn't far enough away in my opinion. I was so mad I think I actually turned red.

Don knows that when I am mad (a rare occurrence) the (best) safest thing to do is go into hiding for awhile. The best way (the coward) Don hides is to sleep. He crawled into the bed before I could lock the bedroom door and (banish) exile him to the couch. He was in the bed but too big for me to push him out. Not to mention the last thing I wanted to do was touch him.

With the attitude I had that night it was a good thing I had a church meeting to get ready for. I was getting ready and started talking to my dog Trooper. Trooper is my beautiful golden retriever (one of our three dogs) and my best listening buddy. I was telling him how much he would have loved his new home. He was sitting there listening to me. He is such a patient boy.

Well guess who was eavesdropping? Don dared to ask "So where is this place?" Oh, no you don't buddy! I am so not talking to you. I replied, "It's too late. I don't even want to share anything with you at this point!" To forgive is divine but at that moment in history I was having a hard time even thinking about that. Good thing I was headed to church!

He persisted and I finally shared the address with him as I smugly walked out of the house. I realized once I got to church that in my haste I had forgotten some keys that would be needed. Don could bring them but he was the last person I would call for help. As I tried to decide the best option (and best way to save face) I looked up.

There he was taking off his helmet. I just stood there looking at him. A mirage maybe? What was he smiling about? Didn't he realize the danger he was in? Arrogant to the danger, he continues to walk my way while smiling and says "You get it done and I will move there tomorrow!"

What??? Who was this person? Did I hear right? There was no electricity out at the home it was a cold ugly night. How did he see it? Wait... he said I can have my house! YES! Oh how I love this man! The exiled husband was now my knight! Did he really say it? Oh yes he did!!!! My hero!!! Now the hard work begins...

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