Monday, November 30, 2009

One Man's Trash is Anothers Woman's Treasure...

Our adventure started by accident.

I have always lived in the city and dreamed about living somewhere with land. I also knew that was a loooooong ways off. Then the Lord answered an unspoken prayer in a most curious way.

I was working as an assistant to a Real Estate agent and was helping some friends try and find a home. Sarah wanted to look at some homes and I just happened to decide that I wanted to go too. Off we went to a home that her husband liked. Not bad, but nothing I personally saw much in. Then out to a house she had found on her own. It was awful!! The mess and smell were so bad that they would have made an Animal House Frat party seem like a baby shower! The property was completely covered in trash (30 cubic yards worth- this is a full sized construction roll away dumpster for those who don’t know how much 30 cubic yards is). Sarah’s husband couldn’t get away fast enough. But…

I walked in and was home. Despite the mess (and everything that came with it) I knew this is where I belonged! It was love at first sight. Not a very pretty first sight, but nonetheless it was love. Now to call my sweetheart so he could share in my excitement.

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